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How Does a Keyboard Affect Comfort and Productivity?

When it comes to computer work, some studies, including a recent Danish study published in November 2004 in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine, say that any amount of time spent with a keyboard could end up with the same result: workers who report some degree of hand/wrist or elbow discomfort. So what can a workplace do to make computer tasks more comfortable for workers? Invest in keyboards that can help improve both short-term and long-term comfort as well as productivity, like Key Ovation’s patented ergonomic security keyboards.

Key Ovation, LLC is a world-leading manufacturer of ergonomic security computer peripherals, including its ErgoSecure adjustable ergonomic security keyboards what are built to provide users with the highest level of comfort, reliability, style and advanced features. Each one has been ergonomically engineered using technology that can help reduce injuries including upper-extremity musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The split-key design of both the SC2.0 Ergo Smart Card Keyboard and the SC2.4 Ergo Smart Card and Biometric Keyboard helps alleviate stress in the neck and shoulders allowing the user’s hands and forearms to rest at a more natural angle. Simple to adjust, the split design also permits the user to change the configuration horizontally and vertically providing a solution that’s easy to use and easy to implement.

“Our mission is to deliver ergonomic solutions that increase productivity and employee health and safety,” says Peter Gilbert, CEO of Key Ovation. “Our ergonomic desktop solutions are designed to equip organizations at every level to achieve sustainable reductions to the high financial and human costs of work-related trauma disorders such as musculoskeletal disorders and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Key Ovation’s Goldtouch line of ergonomic security keyboards have even received the approval of the JITC (Joint Interoperability Test Command), a field command of the Defensive Information Systems Agency which uses the Goldtouch ErgoSecure range of keyboards for the Department of Defense Common Access Card (CAC) program.

“The Department of Defense alone attributes $600 million annually to Workers Compensation costs, 35 percent of which can be attributed to injuries preventable by ergonomic devices,” says Richard Seifert, vice president of federal initiatives for Key Ovation. “These keyboards combine ergonomic technology with security which is one of the top concerns of federal agencies today. We recognize the requirements that federal civilian and military organizations need to maintain around identity authentication and logical access control; it is critical before a transaction can be completed.”

Company Profile
Key Ovation, LLC is the manufacturer of the Goldtouch product line, a line of office solutions made up of world-leading ergonomic computer peripherals technology. The Goldtouch line includes the ErgoSuite, which is a bundling of ergonomically designed computer input devices for the desktop — the adjustable keyboard, ergonomically designed mouse, mouse platform, numeric keypad and gel-filled wrist pads. For more information, please contact:, 1-(866)-277-9994, or visit