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Highly adjustable pedestal workstation

Dan MacLeod, CPE, MA, MPH
Pedestal1 Pedestal2
Video clip 1: Pedestal workstation Video clip 2: Pedestal workstation

These video clips show the use of a highly adjustable pedestal workstation that replaced a traditional workbench. The videos show how easily the product can be manipulated to put it in the optimal position for performing the work. The product fixture is mounted on a heavy-duty ball joint that is controlled with an air lock. Pressing a foot pedal opens the lock and allows instant manipulation to the optimal orientation for the work. Releasing the foot pedal clamps the ball joint securely.

Previously, employees worked on standard workbenches that required awkward positions that in turn created several problems: wasted time to reach for tools and components, mistakes that created rework, and strain on shoulders and wrists.

PedestalBefore PedestalVendor
Before: Work done on traditional bench Off-the-shelf pedestal (

The left-hand photo shows how products were placed on the workbench. Employees often needed to reach awkwardly to the opposite site of products to perform the work. The right-hand photo shows a clearer view of the pedestal and ball joint.

PedestalWeld1 PedestalWeld2
Before: Welding on traditional bench After: Pedestal used as welding fixture

These photos show another application of the pedestal from the same plant. With products on a traditional bench, it was difficult for the welder to position himself to make a good weld. With the adjustable pedestal, welders were able access the product much easier, improving accuracy and efficiency.