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Hallelujah, Churches Go Ergonomic

Want to ease into a nice comfortable chair that reclines, with adjustable lumbar support, firmness controls and support for the mid and upper back? Then you might just have to go to church.

That, says, is because ergonomic seating is rapidly making the leap into church pews. Taking a cue from simple office chairs, today’s church features adjustable, flexible and removable seating and is turning the traditional church building into a multi-purpose activity center while also giving the congregation a reason to stay seated a little longer.

“The office furniture and automobile industries have spent millions of dollars on ergonomic studies, and churches benefit from that,” James Sewell, owner of Church Furnishings and Accessories in Birmingham, Alabama, told “We’ve taken advantage of that information,” said Sewell.

Sewell also noted that the seat’s recline can be customized to fit the chair’s purpose. For example, while the choir might only get a three or five degree reclining angle so they’re kept upright and alert, the rest of the congregation rakes in 10 to 15 degrees of recumbent relaxation.

And, as if increasing the congregation’s comfort weren’t enough, churches are also taking on efficiency when it comes to passing the offering plate. Automatic teller machines and donation-specific terminals like “The Offering Machine,” have begun popping up in church parking lots and elsewhere on the church grounds, making giving even more convenient for the congregation and the task of counting and sorting money less daunting for church staffers.