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Gabriel Spitz, Sc.D., Appointed to Direct Human Factors Efforts At LiveData

Gabriel Spitz, Sc.D., has been appointed Director of Human Factors Engineering at LiveData, a Massachusetts company that develops real-time integration and data visualization technology.


An expert in the tools used to maximize the usability of software applications, Dr. Spitz will focus on integrated product design and evaluation efforts in his new role. These include interaction design and evaluation, development of product strategy and market research, project management and grant applications.


He comes to LiveData from Aptima Inc., where he was engaged in projects to design information displays for health care systems. Before joining Aptima, he conducted applied human factors research in collaborative computing at MITRE, a company that manages federally-funded projects dealing with critical national problems such as aviation safety. Earlier, he worked on the user interface of workflow applications at Eastman Software and Wang Laboratories.


Founded in 1991, LiveData serves customers in healthcare, electric power and utilities, and manufacturing industries, as well as state and local governments. One of its products, the LiveData OR-Dashboard system, provides hospital personnel with the ability to see what is happening in real time from the moment a patient enters operating room care, throughout surgery and after.


Source: LiveData; University of Massachusetts-Boston; MITRE,