From The Ergoweb® Learning Center

First Annual EECE a Success

The inaugural annual Eastern Ergonomics Conference and Exhibition kicked off in Atlanta, GA, this week.

Conference goers attended seminars, presentations, and lunch table discussions to learn from the experiences of their peers. Topics covered at this conference included industrial job analysis and design, the aging workforce, office ergonomics programs, case studies and success stories.

Ergoweb spoke to Walter Charnizon, President of Continental Exhibitions, who said, “Our goal here is to encourage the attendees at this program to recognize the valuable contributions they make at their workplace. Our success at the EECE comes from bringing the information and resources to people so that they can succeed in effectively using ergonomics in their organizations.”

The conference began Tuesday, June 25, with full day workshops. Attendees filled the 8 hour sessions covering ergonomics programs both office and industrial and manual materials handling. In addition to the regular presentation sessions, the EECE added ErgoSchool luncheons Wednesday and Thursday. During these luncheons, attendees were able to participate in more informal discussions led by experts on various topics.

Popular session topics included strategies for making ergonomics more fun and effective, evaluating risk factors, regulatory issues, manual materials handling, productivity and safety.

An exhibition showcase featuring ergonomics product and services provided conference attendees the opportunity to preview product solutions and tackle tough problems with the experts.

Mr. Charnizon continued, “In the current economic climate, productivity, or the ability to achieve more given the resources available, will separate the winners and losers. Ergonomics professionals are an important part of this effort. Everyone who attended this conference is a champion for their company.”

Ergoweb would like to thank everyone who helped to make the first annual EECE a success! We hope to see you again next year.