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February 28th Marks 3rd Annual RSI Awareness Day

Work related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), or what are also sometimes referred to as repetitive strain injuries (RSI), represent a significant portion of reported workplace injury/illnesses in many countries. One group is hoping that increased awareness of MSDs, including risk factors and prevention, will help decrease the numbers.

International Repetitive Stress Awareness Day was created three years ago by an international group of injured workers, trade unionists, health and safety professionals, health care practitioners, and others who share a common goal to increase awareness of MSDs. Volunteer committee members currently represent over 12 countries. RSI Awareness Day is held on the last day of February, which organizers note is the only “non-repetitive” day on the calendar.

Organizers hope that the day will be marked with seminars, clinics, walks, and other community based activities that will help raise awareness of and discussion on MSDs. Here’s what some communities have planed:

Canada leads the way with events in London, Toronto, Kingston and St. Catharines. London, Ontario, will host a health fair with a focus on prevention and treatment of MSDs. In Kingston, Ontario, event goers will hear from a major area employer on the employer’s role in preventing MSDs. Ergonomics and health care professionals will also be speaking.

Moving across the water to London, England, the local RSI association is planning to launch a new website to mark the occasion. The Nottingham and East Midlands RSI support group will hold a conference focusing on upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders. Supporting this event is the GMB Union (Britian’s general union), and speakers will include Nigel Bryson GMB Director of Health & Environment, Dr. Michael Hutson, President International Institute of Musculo-skeletal Medicine, plus Physiotherapists, Ergonomists, and legal consultants.

In Isreal, the local chapter of the Society for Technical Communication– the technical writers’ professional organization– has adopted the RSI Day cause and will be presenting a lecture. The Dutch will focus on MSDs in industries like manufacturing and services.

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