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Ergoweb’s Peter Budnick to Present at 2013 GOSH Conference in Portland, OR

Ergoweb's Peter Budnick will present twice at the Oregon Governor's Occupational Safety & Health Conference (GOSH), which takes place March 4-7, 2013, in Portland, Oregon. GOSH is the largest of its kind in the Pacific Northwest region of the USA. Below are brief descriptions of Budnick's presentations and more information about the conference.

Ergonomics Analysis for Safety Committees
Wednesday, March 6 2:30-5 pm
This basic level session will provide an overview of two easy-to-use job analysis methods designed for use by ergonomics and safety committees in industrial environments. The Ergonomics Job Measurement System (EJMS) applies to jobs involving force and repetition in the hands/wrists, arms, shoulders and trunk, as well as manual material handling tasks. It is especially useful in presenting assessment data to management. The Rodgers/Kodak Muscle Fatigue Analysis method considers force, posture, repetition and duration of exposure for each major body area. Both methods characterize risk as high, medium or low. Attendees can expect to learn about the basics of ergonomics job analysis and how to apply these methods in their own work environments. 
Advanced Ergonomics Analysis – Using Quantitative Ergonomic Assessment Tools
Thursday, March 7, 9 a.m.-4:30 pm
This advanced level workshop will begin with an overview of the scientific basis for industrial ergonomics job analysis methods, followed by a survey of the most recognized analysis tools, including their basic purpose and appropriate applications. The majority of the session will be interactive and hands on, focusing in on material handling analysis techniques like the NIOISH Lifting Equation and related methods, and upper extremity analysis methods, including the Threshold Limit Value (TLV) for Hand Activity Level (HAL), The Strain Index and Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA). Attendees will gain an understanding of when and were such methods are best applied, how each method works, their strengths and limitations, and some experience applying them in workshop examples.
About the Conference
The largest safety and health conference in the Northwest, Oregon GOSH offers educational opportunities that equal the best in the country. The event attracts nationally known speakers, offering 115 workshops and sessions and more than 150 booths showing the latest safety and health products and services. An awards ceremony and luncheon to acknowledge safety and health leaders in Oregon marks the conclusion of the conference. Past conference attendance has exceeded 2,500 people.
The conference is a joint effort of the American Society of Safety Engineers – Columbia-Willamette Chapter, Oregon OSHA, and labor and businesses in Oregon and southwest Washington.
Injury prevention is a common thread throughout every workplace, yet keeping employee safety and health knowledge current is a continual challenge for all employers.
GOSH is a valuable, affordable opportunity to learn the latest in occupational safety and health, network with others across a number of industries, and visit with exhibitors offering products and services to help with workplace injury prevention programs.
The goal of the conference is to provide an educational forum where employers, safety and health professionals, safety committee members, line supervisors, manufacturers, and distributors can come to gain state of the art knowledge and skills leading to self-sufficiency in their occupational safety and health programs. Attendees come from all industries and class topics cover a broad range of timely safety and health issues.
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