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Ergoweb Upgrades Site and Launches New Products

Ergoweb Publishes New Book: Applied Workplace Ergonomics Manual

We’ve always found it hard to find published materials that are applicable to the realities of the workplace, yet grounded in research and validity. So, we’ve turned to developing our own materials over the years, and realized that if we were having trouble finding good application oriented resources, so must be others. We compiled, organized, formatted, reorganized, reformatted – and soon had a 336 page book. The list price is $175, but we’re honoring an affordable $89 offer through December 31, 2001, or until our supply runs out. Sales have been strong, so don’t wait too long.

Ergonomics “Clipart” Released

This product is really more than clipart. Clipart sounds cheap, like those cheesy cartoon-like icons that look, well … cheap and cheesy. Prepared for our own use by Ergoweb’s in-house graphic artist and webmaster, our Ergonomics Image Gallery will contain hundreds of computer generated images depicting anatomy, working postures, and workplace settings. The images are perfect for use in PowerPoint presentations, training materials, reports, and other instances where a good picture can speak a thousand words.

Quick Training Tour Now Available

We’ve launched an online tour of our Computer Based ergonomics Training (CBeT) product that’s quick and easy to use, yet captures the depth and breadth of the system. We encourage you to consider our spring and fall training seminars and our customized onsite training courses, too, but in uncertain times like these, CBeT may be a sensible method to meet your needs. Affordable, flexible, self-paced, and packed with content you can trust.

Ergoweb Launches Web Site Upgrade

Initially operating from the University of Utah, Ergoweb first experimented on the web in 1993, and then launched an extensive content site in 1994. In 1995 we secured the and domains, commercialized, and have been the leading ergonomics internet site ever since. Our company maintains traditional business values, including personal customer service. At the same time, we take full advantage of the outreach, communication and information ability the Internet provides, carefully managing the technology in a way that an ergonomically minded company should – keeping our customers at the center of our designs. Our enduring commitments to quality, customer service and privacy have helped us not only survive a stormy year, but excel with new products and services.

Our latest upgrade to Ergoweb builds on our solid knowledge and experience, and makes finding and sharing ergonomics information easier than it’s ever been. We’re committed to ergonomics, and we’re committed to you. We look forward to serving you for many years to come.