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Ergoweb Presents at National Ergonomics Conference

Ergonomics professionals from around the country convened in Las Vegas Nevada for the National Ergonomics Conference and Exhibition. Many of the attendees were able to attend one or more of the three presentations made this year by Ergoweb. The Ergoweb booth at the exhibition was, as the website is, the place for ergonomics information. Being showcased for the first time were Ergoweb’s new
Image Gallery ergonomics clip art CD and Ergoweb’s Applied Workplace Ergonomics Training Manual.

Tuesday December 11th, Dr. Peter Budnick opened the day with a 90 minute presentation titled “Evaluating and Controlling Ergonomics Risk Factors”. This session began by introducing an approach to ergonomics as a whole, an approach that is very useful for those who find themselves having to “sell” ergonomics to a company. It then moved into how to identify, prioritize, evaluate and control workplace risk factors that may lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs). The presentation concluded with evaluating a lifting task, performed by Ergoweb ergonomist Rachel Michael, using three different computer software models.

Immediately following this session Dr. Budnick presented findings from a white paper done in cooperation with Darcor, a caster manufacturer. The presentation titled “The Ergonomics of Pushing and Pulling Wheeled Equipment” drew a large crowd proving that pushing and pulling affects nearly all types of workplaces.

Ergoweb’s third presentation was part of a panel discussion that focused on ergonomics and the definition of ‘high-tech’. In Dr. Budnick’s comments, he noted that if designs that the general public considers ‘high-tech’ utilized more ergonomics, user interfaces would become more friendly and the appearance of being ‘high-tech’ would diminish.

Ergoweb is planning to attend the next National Ergonomics Conference and Exhibition to be held December 9-12 at Caesars Palace Hotel, Las Vegas.

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