Important Announcement: Our latest software-as-a-service (SaaS) innovation, Ergoweb Enterprise™, was released in June 2017, and includes everything that JET™ does, and much more. The JET5 legacy system will continue to operate and be maintained. However, it will no longer be enhanced or upgraded, and will eventually be retired. Please consider Ergoweb Enterprise™ for your ergonomics management solution.

Job Evaluator Toolbox (JET™)*

Ergoweb’s JET™ software is a very popular and comprehensive suite of online ergonomic assessment software and improvement methods. The methods are used to identify ergonomic concerns in industrial workplace environments using an extensive listing of assessment tools. JET5 is the latest version and it’s very easy to use and was available on a subscription basis (or as an Intranet installation for large organizations) — no software installation was required.

If you are a current customer of JET™ and require support or additional information, please click here to contact us.

*Note: Product is no longer being offered to new subscribers.