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Ergoweb Expands Its Ergoweb Enterprise™ Software Platform by Adding Three New Assessment Tools

The Ergoweb Team

CAREFREE, AZ (January 14, 2019) – Ergoweb, LLC, a leading provider of cloud-based ergonomics management software to industrial manufacturing companies, announced today that they have expanded their flagship software service – Ergoweb Enterprise™ – by adding three (3) new evidence-based assessment tools into their extensive list of available assessment methods. These include:

  • Ohio Push / Pull Guidelines
  • ACGIH Upper Extremity Localized Fatigue Equations
  • REBA – Rapid Upper Limb Assessment

“We are always excited to expand our offerings to our subscribers, particularly when it delivers more ways to reduce and prevent work related injuries and risk,” said Peter Budnick, Founder and President. “This means that our Ergoweb Enterprise subscribers now have the choice to select from any of our 16 available evidence-based ergonomics assessment tools.”

The SaaS platform allows subscribers to select the assessment methods that will suit their unique work environment. Ergoweb recommends applying a set of tools that are specifically tuned to identify, quantify and prioritize ergonomic problems by task type. “When analyzing risk,” added Budnick, “we believe that accuracy and specificity are important, and task-specific ergonomics assessment tools accomplish that far better than generalized methods do.”

Ergoweb offers a downloadable PDF that lists all included assessment methods and offers a selection matrix to help users find the right tool for the right task. The guide can be downloaded by visiting:

About Ergoweb®

Since 1995, Ergoweb has helped hundreds of companies—from local mid-sized organizations to Fortune 500 global corporations—manage their ergonomics programs by delivering proven ergonomics software management systems and services. They are also the go to resource in ergonomics information; publishing thousands of articles that are continually referenced by leading corporations, researchers, trade groups, labor groups, and regulators throughout the world. Ergoweb’s latest software innovation – Ergoweb Enterprise™ – allows companies to invest in their workforce by improving and optimizing production environments and processes. Its purpose is to generate value across multiple business metrics by delivering sustainable ergonomics initiatives that not only reduces employee risk, but also increases productivity and produces a higher quality product. For information on Ergoweb and Ergoweb Enterprise, visit

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