From The Ergoweb® Learning Center

Ergoweb CEO to Speak at National Ergo Conference Dec. 11

Dr. Peter Budnick, CPE, Ergoweb’s president and CEO, will speak in three separate sessions during the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition, held December 10-13, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. He will also demonstrate Ergoweb’s support for the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics by proctoring their on-site certification exam, and Ergoweb will sponsor a booth in the Exhibition hall.

Dr. Budnick’s talks will cover a variety of issues. His first presentation, “Evaluating and Controlling Ergonomics Risk Factors,” will provide an overview of the process an ergonomist goes through when attempting to identify, prioritize, evaluate, and control workplace ergonomics risk factors and hazards. Topics such as records review and interpretation, worksite evaluation and data collection, prioritizing efforts, and ultimately reducing or eliminating risk factors and hazards will be covered. He’ll also stress the need and means to effectively “sell” and demonstrate the value of ergonomics to management and clients.

In his second presentation, Budnick will focus on “The Ergonomics of Pushing and Pulling Wheeled Equipment.” He recently completed a White Paper on the subject, and using that as a basis, will explore the interactions among critical factors that must be considered when evaluating or designing manual push/pull activies. Topics will include: human factors that impact push/pull operation, such as age, gender, anthropometry; load factors such as weight and stability; cart and equipment factors such as caster/wheel design, handle height, orientation and type; and ground/floor factors like friction, surface characteristics, slope, and debris. He’ll review the starting, rolling, turning and positioning phase of a push task, and show how the “Snook Table” data published by Liberty Mutual can be used to set acceptable force guidelines.

His third presentation will be delivered as part of a panel discussion on “High-Tech Solutions for Ergonomic Interventions.” The panel also includes Rani Lueder, President of Humanics ErgoSystems, Cindy Roth, CEO of ETC, Renee Griffith, CEO of Zephyr-TEC Corp. Together, the speakers will discuss examples of high-tech ergonomics in the office setting, providing examples of successes and failures along the way.

Ergoweb will also have a booth in the Exhibition hall. Company team members Rachel Michael and Lee Barney will be on hand to meet many of you face-to-face, which is a welcome opportunity after communicating virtually by web, email, and telephone. If you attend the conference, please stop by and say hello. We look forward to meeting you.