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Ergoweb CEO to Host Session at Ergonomics Conference

Want the inside scoop on whether or not a behavior-based ergonomics initiative would work for your company? Then you won’t want to miss the “Behavior-based Ergonomics” networking session, hosted by Ergoweb’s President and CEO, Dr. Peter Budnick, CPE, at this year’s Applied Ergonomics Conference.

Offering participants the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences regarding behavior-focused plans with others who have similar experiences at their own workplaces, Dr. Budnick’s “Behavior-based Ergonomics” networking session will help participants sort through tips and techniques to find what REALLY works and what doesn’t.

Also, as part of the annual Applied Ergonomics Conference, attendees can choose to take part in specialized industry tracks that focus on manufacturing applications, office applications, services/support industries, engineering and design, and ergonomics programs that work. Master Ergonomist tracks are also available for advanced ergonomics practitioners.

Pre-and post-conference workshops include sessions provided by OSHA, along with topics including “Real Solutions for the Real World,” “Making the Business Case for Ergonomics,” “Improving Office Ergonomics,” and “Participatory Ergonomics Training.”

This year’s keynote speakers are Lt. Col. Nancy Currie, Ph.D., Astronaut, NASA; Joseph Van Houten, Ph.D., CSP, Executive Director, Worldwide Planning, Process Design and Delivery, Johnson and Johnson Safety and Industrial Hygiene; and Barbara Silverstein, Ph.D., MPH, CPE, Research Director, Safety and Health Assessment and Research for Prevention (SHARP), Washington State Department of Labor & Industries. Adding to the hands-on nature of the conference, attendees will also have the chance to participate in plant tours of the Publix Dairy Processing Plant, take a “Behind the Scenes” look at The Walt Disney World Resort, visit the Kennedy Space Center, and review the real-world solutions featured at the annual ErgoCup competition.

The 2004 Applied Ergonomics Conference will be held March 9 through 11 in Orlando, Florida, with pre-conference workshops on March 8. Dr. Budnick’s “Behavior-based Ergonomics” networking session runs from 11:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 10. Additionally, all attendees are invited and welcomed to visit the Ergoweb booth during the conference for more information about Ergoweb’s array of products and services.

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