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ErgoSolutions: Milk, a Dozen Eggs and ‘Your Message Here’

A simple ergonomic solution designed to make plastic bag handling more comfortable and secure for shoppers also holds promise for brand promotion among retailers.

In a recent pre-rollout trial, shoppers at supermarkets in California, New York and Florida, were given the “Grabb-It®” handle, a paperboard device designed to lock the grips of plastic bags together to form a more usable, comfortable handle.

Coming Soon to a Supermarket Near You
According to Carl W. Truly, president of Grabb-It, Inc., the handle is a hit so far with shoppers.

“We surveyed some 1,200 shoppers and their reaction to Grabb-It was resounding. We are in the process of bringing the convenience of ergonomically-sound handles to shoppers across the country.”

The Grabb-It also offers a totally new venue for marketers to brand their products and share promotional messages with coupons, literally placed into the hands of consumers.

Will it Take Hold? 
The in-store trail results are promising, according to Tom Lazenby, Continuous Improvement Manager for Albertsons Inc. Shoppers will likely use the Grabb-It handle as long as it’s easy to use and they understand its benefits. Lazenby says customer acceptance is the critical component.

Source: Grabb-It, Inc.