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To help cut the incidence among dentists of carpal tunnel syndrome and related hand/wrist injuries, Rocky Mountain Orthodontics recently introduced an ergonomically advanced pistol grip Light Emitting Diode (LED) curing light.

Say ‘aaahhh’ to how it works
The new RMO Turbo Curing Light requires the application of less force because the full hand is employed in manipulating it in contrast to the two or three fingers, which must be tightly applied in gripping wand type curing lights.

The benefits of full hand control are documented in studies by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. OSHA links CTS to frequent, repetitive use of the hand or wrist in tasks requiring the generation of high force and advises makers and users of hand tools to “reduce grip force requirements. The greater the effort to maintain control of a hand tool, the higher the potential for injury. Whenever possible, select tools that use a full-hand power grip rather than a precision finger grip.” Research at the University of Osaka, Japan found that in holding cylindrical objects, “total grip force … increases as the number of fingers used for grasping decreases.”

Dentists at risk
Although CTS is generally reported to affect only about 0.5 % of the population, it has been found to be 50 times or more greater among dentists. A survey of U.S. Army dental professionals reports “symptoms related to carpal tunnel syndrome could be found in 75.6 % of dental personnel.” Symptoms listed were: pain at night, tingling, decreased sensation or loss of feeling in fingers, sensation of ‘falling asleep’ during normal activity, stiffness, loss of strength, frequent dropping of objects, and morning swelling.

Ergonomics in action
The RMO LED Turbo curing light is cordless, uses a blue LED (light emitting diode) that emits light in the 430-490 nm range and does not require a bulb, which can wear out, lose intensity and have to be replaced. Since there is no bulb generating heat, there is no need for a heat reducing fan which would add weight and use battery power. Two heat sinks are incorporated within the unit to prevent any heat build-up. Diode emitter technology assures consistent light output. The light is ergonomically designed to fit the hand and has an angled light guide for convenient positioning in the mouth unlike many wand type lights which are uncomfortable to hold during the bonding process and difficult to position in the mouth.

Source: Rocky Mountain Orthodontics