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Ergonomics, Risk Management & Injury Prevention

While at RIMS 2006 in Honolulu this week, Dan Cannon sat down with Woody Dwyer, CPE, CIE, Senior Risk Control Consultant, St. Paul Travelers, to get Dwyer’s perspective on the importance of ergonomics in risk management and loss prevention. Dwyer is co-presenting “A Proactive Risk Management Strategy for Ergonomics,” Wednesday morning at the conference.

Dan Cannon: What’s your perspective on the role of ergonomics in reducing injury claims and associated costs within today’s corporations?

Woody Dwyer: With many corporations seeing 40% to 60% of their claims and 40% to 80% of their claim costs related to strains and sprains, ergonomics plays an important role. Ergonomists have the opportunity to reduce the ergonomic risk for these corporations and therefore reduce the number of claims and incurred costs.

DC: You’re working closely with loss control, risk and safety managers these days. Where do ergonomic interventions generally rank on their priority lists?

WD: When I present to senior management the injury data, incurred cost and ergonomic risk in their operations, they are usually ready to listen and develop strategies to make an impact. It is always interesting to me that as soon as someone injures his or her hand/wrist or back, it is amazing how quickly funds become available to immediately make these improvements