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Ergonomics for the Movie Producer in You

Have you ever wanted to make a movie about something that really moves you? What subject could possibly be closer to your heart than ERGONOMICS? Well, if you ever had the inkling to make a film on ergonomics now is your chance.

Vienna, Austria will host the XVIth World Congress on Safety and Health at Work, May 26-31, 2002. The conference, themed “Innovation and Prevention”, invites all working in the field of safety and health at work to participate in communication on topics including:

What challenges will need to be confronted to ensure that health and safety at work can be safeguarded in the future? What methods and strategies are particularly promising? What approaches have proven successful? What new avenues should be explored? Is the classic approach of in-house prevention still the right approach or will complex interactions have to be taken into account?

As part of the conference, a film and multimedia festival and competition will be held. Expert juries will select the best product and prizes will be awarded. All submitted films and multimedia products will be presented in a catalogue. Screenings are also planned.

All productions concerning safety and health at work produced as from 1998 are eligible for entry into the Film Festival.

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