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Ergonomic Cleaning Manufacturer Files For Bankruptcy

Enterprise Manufacturing, makers of ergonomic cleaning products including mops, interchangeable mop heads, handles, and tools, recently filed for Chapter 11 reorganization.  The filing comes while the company is in the middle of a harassment lawsuit brought against it by five female employees who claim the company has a pattern of harassment.

Enterprise Manufacturing, whose ergonomic products were once recommended by the United Kingdom‘s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for their design and ease of use, relocated its United States operations to St. Joseph, Missouri in 1995, and was formerly known as Scot Young Research. Focusing on improving the cleaning industry through ergonomics, company owner Scot Young once even wrote a book touting the impact that ergonomics can have on the cleaning industry, specifically noting that improved tools, training and wages could lead to better overall quality in the industry.

Bankruptcy documents list Enterprise‘s assets at $4.1 million and its debts at $3.3 million.  The bankruptcy filing currently halts the civil harassment trial.

Source:  Miami Herald

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This article originally appeared in The Ergonomics Report™ on 2004-09-20.