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ErgoFlash: Super-Quick News Summaries (8/31/01)

Ergonomics Goes Global

Global Positioning – that is. Knowing exactly where you are in the world is designed to be a more comfortable experience according to Thales Navigation*, manufacturer of Magellan(TM) Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers. Thales reports that ergonomics played a part in the new design of the eight ounce – hand held positioning system. Included in the new design was a slip resistant rubber covering, and back lit keys to improve viewing in poor light.

Top Gun
What is Russia doing with ergonomics? How about improving flight control and safety of their highly maneuverable MiG-29 and Su-27 planes. The new system, BASBP, ensures continuous automated monitoring and control of the flight parameters, the performance of the life- supporting systems, the pilot’s capability and his actions in extreme situations.

Adjusting at the Hilton
According to Hilton Hotels, the guest should be as comfortable and productive as possible. What does this mean