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Ergoflash–February 11, 2002

Know Your Injury Rates?
February is the month that employers with 11 or more employees must post in the workplace a summary
of the total number of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred in 2001, according to OSHA.
The summary is contained on the right-hand portion of the OSHA Form 200, and includes information on type of injury and illness, extent and outcome. This information alerts employees to possible hazards.

Headset Etiquette
While the widespread use of the telephone headset in offices has reduced awkward neck and shoulder problems for telephone users, it has also introduced a new culture to the office. So, you need to tell Joe about the 2nd half upset in the game last night. You walk to his cubicle and with great excitement describe the plays. As your enactment moves into the 3rd quarter, you realize that Joe is pointing to his headset and looking at you with pleading eyes. He’s on the phone with a client