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Equipois zeroG2 Arm Wins Two Product of the Year Honors

LOS ANGELES, CA – Equipois Inc., manufacturer of zeroG® technologies that allow tools, parts and other payloads to be maneuvered as if weightless but with complete freedom of motion, received two leading industry honors in November for its zeroG2 product line – Equipois’s second year in a row for both awards.

Equipois’s zeroG® arms significantly reduce fatigue involved with use of tools, making workers more efficient and dramatically reducing risk of injuries. These improvements translate into substantial savings for manufacturers, with annual ROI’s typically in excess of 100%. The company’s zeroG® solutions have been adopted as a best practice by some of the world’s most respected companies in aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, and other industries. The zeroG2, Equipois’s second product line, holds tools weighing up to 10 lbs. such as grinders, sanders, drills, and pulse tools.

The zeroG2 received the Attendee’s Choice Award at the National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition (NECE) held in Las Vegas on November 17-20, 2009. Winners were selected by conference attendees and speakers, who chose the product they believed has the best potential to increase productivity and profitability, while improving workplace health and safety. This was Equipois’s second year in a row to receive the award, having won in 2008 for its zeroG4 product line.

Also in November, the zeroG2 was selected as a finalist for Plant Engineering’s Product of the Year award. Plant Engineering selects finalists from newly introduced products that improve worker safety while significantly adding value to the workplace. It was Equipois’s second year in a row to receive this honor as well. Top products will be selected by reader vote during December.

Equipois designs and manufactures revolutionary dynamic assist devices that support the musculoskeletal system while allowing full spatial and rotational freedom of motion. The company’s patented zeroG® systems are designed to support a range of manufacturing, heavy industrial, bioresearch, medical and other applications in order to reduce workplace injuries and associated costs while increasing productivity.