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Equipois Launches zeroG2 for Payloads Under Ten Pounds

April 8, 2009, LOS ANGELES, CA – Equipois Inc., whose zeroG® technology allows tools, parts, and materials to be maneuvered as if weightless with unprecedented freedom of motion, has announced the launch of the zeroG2 product line for payloads under 10 pounds. 
The zeroG2 avoids the harmful effects of fatigue caused by handling tools or other objects for long periods or in awkward positions, enabling workers to operate more efficiently, with better control, and with significantly less risk of injury.  These improvements translate into substantial savings for manufacturers, recouping the employer’s investment in as little as a few months.

“Many manufacturing tasks require workers to operate tools that seem relatively lightweight.  However, when these tasks are frequent or continuous, they can generate real operational losses due to fatigue, causing production and quality issues. ” said Tony Wisniewski, Equipois’s Vice President of Business Operations.  “The zeroG2 solves that challenge – workers can use their fine motor skills, judgment and experience without undue strain on their bodies.”  The zeroG2 will provide dramatic benefits for a wide range of lighter industrial tools such as right angle drills, palm sanders, small rivet guns, and grinders.

Equipois’s first product, the zeroG4 arm system, was introduced in 2008.  Allowing workers to “float” payloads weighing up to 36 lbs., the zeroG4 received the Attendees’ Choice Award for new product of the year at the National Ergonomics Conference and was named a finalist for product of the year by Plant Engineering Magazine, among other honors.  It was also certified as an Ergonomic Product by independent testing firm U.S. Ergonomics.  The zeroG4  is currently used by some of the world’s leading manufacturers in such industries as aerospace, automotive, heavy machinery, and marine and rail equipment, as well as public utilities and the U.S. government.   Customers have enjoyed an annual return on investment from the zeroG4 as high as 400%.

The zeroG2 was exhibited for the first time at the Applied Ergonomics Conference on March 23-26, 2009 in Reno, Nevada.


Equipois designs and manufactures revolutionary technologies that allow tools, parts, materials and other payloads to be maneuvered as if weightless, but with full range of motion.  The company’s patented zeroG® systems are designed to support a range of manufacturing, heavy industrial, bioresearch, medical and other applications in order to reduce workplace injuries and associated costs while increasing productivity.

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