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EFTA Countries Join EU-Safety and Health Information Network

The EFTA countries Iceland, Norway and Switzerland have teamed up with the
European Agency for Safety and Health at Work based in Bilbao (Spain) to
launch joint occupational safety and health (OSH) web-sites.

As well as linking directly to EU-network information, the new EFTA sites
will provide access to up-to-date national OSH information on legislation
and regulations, good practice solutions to workplace safety problems,
research, statistics, training and other fields. These three latest
additions to the Agency’s on-line information network follow the structure
and design familiar to users of the Agency’s other partner sites which
already include the 15 EU member states, the United States, Canada and

Ergonomics and the prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders has been a high priority for the agency.

Hans-Horst Konkolewsky, the Agency’s Director, commented: “The launch of
these new web sites in Iceland, Norway and Switzerland marks another
significant step in creating a global portal to occupational safety and
health information and expertise. Our aim is to offer easy accessible
on-line information that allows business, workers and experts alike to be
better informed about regulatory demands, research and best practices in
EFTA countries and in the European Union and thus to make Europe a safe and
healthy place to work.”

The EFTA website is accessible from the Agency website