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Die Cart Workstation

Dan MacLeod, CPE, MA, MPH
Diecart1 Diecart2
Die cart converted to sturdy workstation

Die carts, which have been used for decades in stamping operations, happen to be very good for use as sturdy workstations. Because the dies used for stamping presses are heavy and need to be changed frequently, the carts were developed to be heavy duty, height adjustable, mobile, and have a small footprint. Thus the carts could be used to position the dies so that they can be slid into position rather than lifted.

The photo above left shows a converted die cart with the following features:

  • A turntable fixture in the center.
  • Tool holder brackets welded to the sides of the table.
  • Small work surface compared to the workbenches that were replaced (slightly visible in the rear of the photo).
  • A polypropylene surface material to protect critical surfaces on the parts.
  • Foot pedal pump by the center pedestal to provide height adjustment.

The photo above right shows a side view of the modified die cart, displaying how this tall employee raised it above the previous non-adjustable workstation (to his left in the photo, not yet removed from the area). The workstation can be lowered sufficiently for seated work.

Note the use of the die cart base as a footrest. Also, the casters on the die cart provided unintended mobility, which led to development of a modular work cell system.

Die carts are designed to have a small footprint. Once the old workbenches were removed, there was a dramatic increase in floor space.