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Dane Technologies Acquires Swiss Wheelchair Maker LEVO

Dr. Kurt H. Fischer plans to retire as chief of LEVO AG on May 1, 2007, to be replaced by Thomas Raeber. The change reflects the recent acquisition by the United States company Dane Technologies Inc. of LEVO, a privately owned Swiss company. LEVO, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dane, develops, produces and distributes manual and power stand-up wheelchairs for adults and children. Dane specializes in power assist and mobility solutions in retail, healthcare and logistics markets.


LEVO introduced the first integrated monitor, which allows users to measure daily positioning activities, to the wheelchair industry.


“For over 30 years LEVO has been the leader in delivering standing solutions that combine Swiss engineering and precision with superior design and reliability. We are very proud to join with LEVO and help build upon their tradition of excellence and leadership in standing technologies. This acquisition plays an important part in continuing our tradition of growth and building share holder value,” said Dan Johnson, CEO of Dane Technologies.


As President, Raeber will be responsible for managing all LEVO AG operations. Retiring after 30 years with LEVO, Dr. Fischer will remain available as a consultant on an ongoing basis.


Source: Dane Technologies Inc.

This article originally appeared in The Ergonomics Report™ on 2007-04-04.