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Notched wood blocks on car jack

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A cradle is any type of temporary holder for a heavy load, usually shaped in a V or U to help secure the load.  Maintenance personnel typically use small wood blocks to hold things in place while they remove or replace them.  Sometimes the wood block is simply jammed under the item.  Slightly more handy versions incorporate a jack to raise and lower the cradle into position.  Sometimes they are configured to fit the load precisely.  In shipbuilding and repair, huge cradles are used to hold the ship in place when out of the water.


Reduce force by using something to support the weight of the load rather than lifting.

Ideas and Options

Simple wood

ToiletCradle ToiletCradle2
Toilet cradle


Auto repair

AutoEngineCradle AutoTransmissionCradle Draper
Engine cradle (on wheels) Transmission cradle (on jack)

Number of styles commercially available.  Typically for auto repair, but can be adapated for many industrial uses.


Large2 Large1