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Changeovers and Setups

Dan MacLeod, CPE, MA, MPH

Principles affected


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Ideas and Options

First issue

Changeover1 Changeover2

Poor access tray and support in the way

Cannot see well

No particular place for tools (and to some extent, a problem is that tools are needed at all)

Storage location for replacement equipment is too far away.  Equipment must be carried and lifted into position

Consequence is slow, with considerable strain on operator.  Time is critical, since production is typically lost during the changeover period.

Before1 Before2
Before: Remove from cart, connect to fitting on bench

Two people, lift. Hold in place to match rigid fitting, fasten with wrench.

Pull necessary components from cart, two or three test units per cart.


One person, no lifting

One test unit per cart, completely set up,


After1 After2 After3
After: Move cart into place Quick releases

Quick releases, no tools needed

Quick disconnect hose coupling, quick release pin to secure cart to bench.

One person changeover in one-third the time that previously required two people, i.e. about 80% reduction in time.


Additional examples

Rapid dismantling and reassembly

Meat processing equipment provides many good ideas for rapid changeovers. Because this equipment must be taken apart for rigorous cleaning several times per day, this industry has developed numerous techniques for doing so rapidly. These techniques can be applied in other settings.







Low tech creative thinking

ChuckChange1a ChuckChange2