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Ergonomics- Carrier Assembly – Load Station

Task Prior to Abatement (Description)

This is a fictitious job but reflective of common work situations on an auto assembly line.

Worker position: The worker wears gloves and stands facing the assembly line.

Position bearing: The worker gets a bearing from a storage bin located in front of the operator. The bearing is positioned in a fixture on the assembly line.

Position carrier casting: The worker gets a 40 pound carrier casting from a bin behind the operator and positions it in the fixture over the bearing.

Position second bearing: The worker gets another bearing from the bin in front of the operator and positions it in the casting on the fixture. The worker pushes two palm buttons to index the line.

Secure drum: A tool is used to to insert a lock washer onto one of the axle lugs which holds the drum onto the axle during shipping.

Task Prior to Abatement (Illustration)


Ergonomic Risk Factor (Force)

Using bulky gloves interferes with positioning of the parts.

Ergonomic Risk Factor (Posture)

Reaching is required to lift the 40 pound casting from the bin.

Elbow elevation (shoulder flexion), forearm twist (forearm pronation), and wrist flexion is required to position the bearing inside the casting and stresses wrist tissues.

Reaching over the palm buttons and the storage box to assemble the parts on the assembly line is required.

Ergonomic Solution (Engineering Controls)

Tilt bins towards the workers and put the bins on a lift to reduce reaching for the carrier casting.

Stack carrier castings in a dunnage so they can be easily reached and grasped.

Use a conveyor to deliver the carrier castings one at a time to the assembly line to reduce reaching.

Elevate the workers with an adjustable platform to lower the elbow and straighten the wrist.

Relocate the utility box and palm buttons so that the worker can stand closer to the assembly line.

Provide a wide selection of glove types and sizes so that workers can select preferred gloves.

Ergonomic Solution (Illustration)


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