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Call for Papers on Aging and Driver Distraction

Manuscript submissions are being invited for two special sections of the journal Human Factors published by the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES).

Anyone doing work in the areas of aging and human performance, or driving distraction and driving safety are invited to submit manuscripts to the HFES for inclusion in the journal.

According to HFES, “Advancement in medical technologies and general public health continue to increase average lifespan. As a result of such developments, more than 20 million adults in the United States are currently 65 years of age or older (U.S. Census Bureau). Most of these people attempt to remain active in the workforce to cope with increased financial and economic challenges. The extent to which aging affects human capabilities is the subject of continuing research; however, many societal age barriers are based on chronological age, not functional capacity. Thus, there is a crucial need to address systematically the effects of aging on human performance as it applies to capabilities related to a variety of such systems.”

Manuscripts must be submitted by March 1, 2003, to Editor, Human Factors, “Aging and Human Performance,”P.O. Box 1369, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1369 USA. Contact Mustapha Mouloua at with any questions.

Regarding driver distraction, HFES said the following. “The ongoing controversy regarding cellular telephones and their effect on driving safety has generated substantial public concern regarding the danger posed by these devices. Beyond cellular telephones, new wireless, Internet, and voice recognition technology has introduced Internet content and email to cars. The next generation of communication technology could be far more distracting for drivers.”

Submissions can consider distraction from the use of hand held devices, hands free devices, eating, grooming, and listening to the radio. Submissions must be made by February 1, 2003 to Editor, Human Factors, “Driver Distraction,” P.O. Box 1369, Santa Monica, CA 90406-1369 USA. Contact John D. Lee at with any questions.