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Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics Launches Much Improved Web Site

The Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) has launched a completely new web site that offers many enhanced features for visitors and certificate holders. Founded in 1990, the BCPE has grown to be the recognized, pre-eminent certification body for ergonomics and human factors professionals in the United States. The new web site follows close on the heels of BCPE’s recent endorsement and accreditation by the International Ergonomics Association (see related articles, below).

“The timing of the site redesign with BCPE’s recognition by the IEA is perfect,” said BCPE President, Robert Smillie. “These two events demonstrate BCPE’s commitment to providing the ergonomics profession and its practitioners with a premier certification program. They also allow BCPE to better respond to the needs and interests of those who are certified and those seeking to become certified.”

The new site showcases an updated look with enhanced page design, improved site navigation, an expanded search function with greater search capabilities for finding certified ergonomists, an expanded online store featuring secure shopping via a merchant shopping cart, a newsletter section providing access to The Professional Ergonomist issues and articles, a certificants-only section offering BCPE certificate holders the ability to update their contact information online, as well as other general content additions.

The new site is data-driven, meaning the BCPE will be able to make changes to the site much faster and easier than before. With help from Paige Data Management, Oracle, and BCPE volunteers, the new site allows staff members to update information without needing to know programming, html, or database details. The result is an attractive, affordable site that is simple to keep up-to-date and easy to expand in the future.

We at Ergoweb are very happy to see this new web site. For many years we have referred questions about certification in ergonomics to the BCPE web site. Using the old site, many were unable to locate the information they needed to make informed decisions about professional development. The new site makes it much easier for our customers to find what they need, saving everyone a lot of frustration and time in the process. The new site is an asset to the science and practice of ergonomics.

For example, if you or your company seeks to hire or contract a Certified Professional Ergonomist, or verify the credentials of someone you’re already considering, the new site offers a simple method to search the certificant database at

If you are a practitioner seeking professional advancement or certification, you can visit for general certification information, and you can download a FREE copy of the BCPE Candidate Handbook: Certification Policies, Practices & Procedures by visiting the BCPE Store at

If you’re already certified by BCPE, you can enter the secure “Certificants Only” section at

There are a lot more features and resources to choose from. Take a quick look for yourself at Congratulations to the BCPE for a job well done.