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Bibles Out, Ergo Chairs In With Business Travelers

Is business travel more play than work? Not according to a recent survey by of business travelers in the United Kingdom whose list of wants in a hotel room was topped by productivity-centered tools like internet connections, printers and ergonomic chairs.

Over 500 business travelers responded to the survey by the internet travel company that asked respondents to rank the items they would most like to see in their hotel rooms. Topping the list at 42 percent were in-room internet connections, followed by mobile phone and laptop chargers, work stations, ergonomic chairs, and printers, photocopiers and fax machines. Only two percent of respondents stated an interest in the availability of adult television channels.

Topping the list of items that business travelers claim they can do without were bibles, with 37 percent of the respondents stating that it was something they didn’t care to use. Shower caps and trouser presses were not far behind. Also making the “unwanted” list were turned down pillows and candy on the bed