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A Call for RSI Legislation in Ontario

On February 28, A group of about 100 workers gathered outside MPP Rick Bartolucci’s office to bring attention to repetitive strain injuries (RSI). The rally was reported by Northern Life.

With freezing winds whipping their faces, the group, made up of injured workers, trade unionists, occupational health and safety advocates and others, shouted for the Ontario government to stand up, open their ears and listen to the problems of the people.

Bartolucci wasn’t in his office, but it didn’t sway the crowd one bit as they clapped, cheered and jeered on Elm Street.

Chants of “Stop the pain” and “Ergonomic regulations now” exploded from the buzzing herd as they stomped their feet to keep warm.

“It’s very important that it’s brought to the public’s attention and to our government,” said Rick Grylls, president of Local 598 Mine Mill CAW. “It has to be regulated into our systems. We need mandatory protection for workers from RSI . . . Years ago, they were called the phantom injuries from work. They’re real and people are suffering long-term physical effects.”

Organizers of the rally hope Bartolucci will hear their words and start taking action.

“We’re hoping the Ontario government hears the importance of stopping RSI in the work place,” said Sandy Bass, president of the Sudbury and District Labour Council. “It’s very clear from pass experiences in B.C., where they passed legislation in 1998, RSI have been dramatically reduced. It’s only a positive thing all the way around. We’re only asking they pass the same legislation here in Ontario.”

Source: Northern Life – Greater Sudbury News

This article originally appeared in The Ergonomics Report™ on 2006-03-01.