Today’s Top Competitive Advantage? Outstanding User-Experience.

Ergoweb’s product improvement consultants connect the dots between better user experience, happier customers and increased market share.

Today’s leading product companies share a common secret. They’ve discovered that the key to market dominance lies in creating product designs that are easy and enjoyable for customers to use. In recent years, user-friendly product design has moved from an afterthought to a “make or break” factor for both new and established product brands.

Benefits of a User-Centered Product Design Approach:

  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Increase Favorable Word of Mouth
  • Improve Usability for Diverse Populations
  • Increase Overall Market Share
  • Reduce Liabilities Throughout Product Lifecycle

Ergoweb works with your product design team, serving as an expert human-centered design partner. Additionally we fill the role of customer advocate, helping you balance form and function for optimal success. Our team has helped to improve a diverse range of products from mass market consumer products to specialty business dvices, for established product companies as well as cutting-edge startups.

of companies believe UX optimization improves conversions, yet only 44% rate their performance in the area as ‘excellent’ or ‘good’.*

* Source: Econsultancy’s 2013 User Experience Survey Report

Solution Components Include:

  • Design Consulting
  • User-Centered Design
  • Hardware Consulting
  • Interface Consulting
  • Go-to-Market Support
  • User Testing
  • Product Certification
  • Marketing Support

Sales & Marketing Services

ErgoWeb® and it’s affiliated companies ErgoAdvocate® and ErgoBuyer® have extensive expertise in the ergonomics market, as well as a large network of ergonomics professionals, businesses and consumers who need reliable ergonomic products and equipment. These are buyers, influencers and recommenders. If you have a product or service with real ergonomics credentials, we can help you bring it to market, or grow market share for your existing products. Please contact us to learn how.