Each Year, the Typical Fortune 1,000 Company Pays $1.3 Million Dollars for Every 1,000 Employees, Due to Preventable Ergonomics Injuries*

ErgoAdvocate provides online training and assessment tools for thousands of employees for the same cost you would pay to treat just one ergonomics injury.

Health & Safety ROI

Do More with Less. Make Work Better.

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Financial ROI

Reduce Costs. Improve Productivity

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Easy & Effective Self Assessment

A simple, user-friendly interface guides participants though our proprietary training and risk assessment modules. Quick-fix advice and self-corrective tips provide solutions to most common office ergonomic issues.

Bite-Sized Modules Fit Busy Schedules

ErgoAdvocate makes it easy for your employees to fit their ergonomics training into hectic schedules. Our modular Training, Evaluation, and Issue Resolution components can be completed as time allows.  Training requires 15-20 minutes, Posture Assessment requires ~15 minutes.  The full process may require 30-40 minutes depending on how many ergo issues are identified.

Outstanding Issues are moved toward resolution

Employees with improvement opportunities receive gentle reminders and are guided to self-corrective advice specific to their ergonomic issue and furniture types. Participants take ownership and engage in a natural continuous improvement process.

Continuous Improvement Library

Workplace best practices are always evolving, and depend on many factors unique to your organization and industry. ErgoAdvocate utilizes a unique and proprietary Library that allows you to customize, grow and update your ergonomics knowledge base.

Sophisticated Administrative Reporting and Tracking

Administrators love ErgoAdvocate for its single source interface to manage the entire ergonomics process, giving them extensive tools to assign, communicate, sort, search, prioritize, track, measure and document all aspects of the ergonomics process.

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* OSHA Safety Pays web site; The Total cost for just one Cumulative Trauma Injury averages $82,305 ($39,193 of direct medical costs, plus $43,112 for indirect costs such as lost time, lost productivity, replacement workers, etc.). The average claim cost estimates used in “$afety Pays” are provided by National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc. (NCCI). The data reflects the average cost of lost time workers’ compensation insurance claims derived from unit statistical reports submitted to NCCI for policy years 2007-2009.