Nick LaPeruta Joins Ergoweb

Nick LaPeruta

Please join the Ergoweb® team as we welcome Nick LaPeruta as our new Business Development Manager. Nick will work closely with our clients to ensure they are receiving the right solutions, services, and support for their ergonomics needs. He'll represent Ergoweb and our entire family of brands, including ErgoAdvocate® and Ergobuyer®, which gives him the unique ability to deliver a broad spectrum of proven ergonomics and human factors solutions that improve individual and organizational performance. Nick brings a wealth of skills and experience to our team. For much of his career he has focused on healthcare markets, where he built a successful record matching hospitals, healthcare professionals and medical facilities with the right medical devices, supplies and diagnostic tools for their specific business and patient care needs. Along his path Nick recognized and embraced the need for ergonomics, particularly in much of the diagnostic equipment he was working with, such as ultrasound. At one point he joined with Relax The Back to grow ergonomics applications among his clients, and in the process received product specific training from manufacturer Humanscale and completed professional office ergonomics training and earned the COEE certification designation. Soon, as is the case for so many of us drawn to this field, ergonomics became a passion. "We're very happy to have Nick join our team," says Peter Budnick, Ergoweb's CEO. "We have a long history promoting and delivering effective evidence-based ergonomics solutions and continuous improvement methodologies. Nick shares our passion and vision for the value well-crafted ergonomics solutions bring to any organization, or anyone's life, and we're committed to sharing this value with our clients, partners and colleagues. Whether you're in a 'help us put out this fire' mode, or on a proactive path to sustainability, we're here for you, and Nick can help you identify and implement the right solutions for your specific needs." About Ergoweb Ergoweb® is a global leader in ergonomics. Our team of industry experts and our family of brands, including ErgoAdvocate® and Ergobuyer®, allows us to deliver a broad spectrum of proven ergonomics solutions, including evidence-based consulting, training, software, products, furniture and equipment.