April 7th, 2011

More Articles Translated into Spanish and Farsi

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I began this series of articles announcing translations of some of our articles with the following introduction:

I’ve come to realize that there are two kinds of people in the world: 

  1. givers; and

  2. takers.

Of course, this greatly oversimplifies things, because a giver can receive a great deal from the act and consequences of giving. And I suppose takers experience, at least for the short term, some satisfaction when they take from others. Then there are give-and-take relationships, so in reality the good people of the world find some balance between giving and taking, or receiving. Perhaps the art of living well includes knowing when to give and when to receive (vs. take). I’m thinking about this today because I’ve encountered some real givers lately, and they are giving of their time and resources to expand the reach and influence of ergonomics ... Read the full article

I continue to be impressed and honored by our volunteer translators. I previously introduced and thanked Yung-Hui (Terrence) Lee, Ph.D. and Tara Rezapour in our first article announcing translations, but didn’t get a chance to properly introduce our latest volunteers, Cesar Perez and Panos Gourgouras (Παναγι?της Γο?ργουρας). (Tara and Cezar have since translated additional articles into Farsi and Spanish, respectively, see below).

Cesar Perez, MS, born in Spain, studied Industrial Engineering in Great Britian, and is now a Venezuelan citizen, where he is a a professor at Univesidad Católica Andrés Bello (Andrés Bello Catholic University). In addition to ergonomics, he has an interest in simulation. Before his university appoinment, Cesar was a consultant to private industry on continuous improvement methods, particularly in the oil industry.

Panos Gourgouras (Gourgouras Panagiotis, Παναγι?της Γο?ργουρας), of Athens, Greece, is a mechanical engineer with a strong interest and passion for ergonomics. He integrated ergonomic applicaitons into his studies, and he maintains an ergonomics blog, in Greek, at http://ergodektis.wordpress.com. He has extensive experience and interests, including software Enterprise Resource Management (ERP), business applications, occupational health and safety, and more. He’s currently seeking new opportunites to expand his interest in, and applicaiton of, ergonomics.

Please join me in thanking Panos, Cesar, Yung-Hui (Terrence) and Tara for their contributions.

So, we now have the following tranlations available:

Ergonomists Without Borders: 2010 Review; Plans for 2011 (original article, in English)

Spanish, Greek, Farsi, or Chinese, or Simplified Chinese translations.

New Study: Time Spent Sitting Linked to Higher Risk of Death (original article, in English)

Spanish, Farsi translations.

The World’s First Exoskeletal Arm Support System (original article, in English)

Farsi translation.


Call for Translations to Other Languages

We would be happy to work with others to translate articles to any and all languages. If you are able to perform translations, please contact [email protected], or leave a public comment below. We look forward to working with you to grow the reach and influence of ergonomics around the world.

Ergobuyer Sit Stand Workstations

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