Ergonomics Standards and Guidelines

There are state, national and international ergonomics-related standards and guidelines, including these examples:

  • OSHA Ergonomics Program Standard [Overturned]On November 14th, 2000, OSHA published an ergonomics program standard in the Federal Register under the Clinton administration. On January 16, 2001 the program took effect. The Bush Administration repealed it 63 days later on March 20, 2001. Nevertheless, businesses operating the the USA should be familiar with ways in which OSHA continues to enforce workplace ergonomics, even in the absence of a specific ergonomics standard, including:
  • ANSI B11.TR 1—2004: Ergonomic Guidelines for the Design, Installation And Use of Machine ToolsThis guideline provides a uniform approach to ergonomic considerations for machine tools within the workplace.  The guideline addresses design, installation and use of manufacturing systems, including individual and integrated machine tools and other components.
  • ISO 9241A multi-part standard published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) covering certain ergonomics considerations for human-computer interaction.