September 22nd, 2015

Job Announcement: ADA Accommodation Coordinator

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ErgoAdvocate® is seeking a full-time ADA Accommodation Coordinator. The successful candidate will work with ErgoAdvocate staff, field consultants, and our Client Accommodation Manager & HR teams. This person will receive, respond to, and track accommodation requests as part of client ADA and Rehabilitation Act requirements.

The successful candidate is a person who enjoys working remotely with others; has knowledge and experience with ADA and Rehabilitation Acts, medical and disability conditions; is a certified ADA Coordinator (or willing to work towards certification with Accommodation Coordinator Training); has good organizational/administrative skills and is detail oriented. The successful candidate may have worked as a ADA specialist, a Physical Therapy or Occupational Therapy aid or practitioner, ergonomics specialist, or some other health oriented role. This person is not afraid to reach out to health care practitioners to get medical documentation, and is able to communicate and direct corrective actions with employees, managers, and ergonomics specialists.

You must be a self-starter, able to work well from home or other private location, and very good at on-going email and telephone communications to perform case management, including data collection, documentation, tracking, reporting, and continuously moving accommodation requests toward resolution and closure.

This is a one-year 100% effort contract, with the opportunity to transition to full-time employment upon demonstrated successful performance. The contract offers a flexible schedule, and allows you to work remotely from your home or other private location in the US or Canada. You may be based in any US or Canadian location, but must have good internet and telephone access, and must be able to work with and respond to many requests between the hours of 8:00 am eastern and 5:00 pm in the pacific time zone.

This position is approximately 50% administrative duties, in support of the ADA accommodation specialist team, and 50% carrying out routine accommodation support. Here are the specific duties and qualifications we seek:

  • The Accommodation Coordination will provide direct assistance to requestors, and coordinate with our consulting specialists in more complex and remote cases. The Accommodation Coordinator will work full-time (40 hours a week, 50 weeks a year) and will spend approximately 50% of their time working on Accommodation Coordination (case management) and 50% of their time providing direct assistance (telephone and email assistance).
  • The Accommodation Coordinator will have the opportunity to learn and take on new responsibilities involving more complex cases over time.
  • Accommodation Coordinator will:
    • receive and process accommodation requests through to referral, resolution, or closure;
    • receive requests through the ErgoAdvocate program or through emails/phone calls sent to the Accommodation Coordinator ;
    • open and create new files for each request;
    • respond to accommodation requests within one business days of receipt;
    • will engage with employees to assess needs and to identify accommodation options;
    • triage the requests received from employees through ErgoAdvocate software;
    • be responsible for obtaining all necessary employee medical releases and is responsible for tracking the releases;
    • close files and maintain case-related documentation;
    • maintain strict confidentiality of all employee information in accordance with the terms of the Client Agreement;
    • will refer employee cases as needed to:
      • Client HR Dept;
      • Ergonomic assistance from Ergoweb consulting specialists;
    • In some cases, the Accommodation Coordinator will provide Direct Assistance:
      • communicate with client HR at initiation and throughout request process;
      • follow up on obtaining medical documentation as needed;
      • provide disability accommodation assistance to employees for accommodation requests as instructed by HR.

Compensation will be commensurate with knowledge and experience ($35K-$42K).


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