JET (Job Evaluator Toolbox™) Ergonomic Assessment Software Overview

Important Announcement: Our latest software-as-a-service (SaaS) innovation, Ergoweb Enterprise℠, was released in June 2017, and includes everything that JET™ does, and much more. The JET5 legacy system will continue to operate and be maintained. However, it will no longer be enhanced or upgraded, and will eventually be retired. We recommend you consider the new Ergoweb Enterprise℠ software system for your ergonomics process needs.

Ergoweb’s JET™ software is a comprehensive suite of online ergonomic assessment software and improvement methods. The methods are used to identify ergonomic concerns in industrial workplace environments. The new version 5 of JET is very easy to use and is available on a subscription basis (or as an Intranet installation for large organizations) — no software installation required.

JET contains the following assessment and design methods:

  • 2D Static Strength Biomechanical Methods: Low back, shoulder, and whole body
  • Rogers / Kodak Muscle Fatigue Analysis
  • NIOSH Revised Lifting Equation, single and multi-task
  • Liberty Mutual “Snook and Ciriello” Tables for Lifting/Lowering
  • Liberty Mutual “Snook and Ciriello” Tables for Pushing/Pulling
  • Liberty Mutual “Snook and Ciriello” Tables for Carrying
  • American Automobile Manufacturing Association Metabolic/Physiological assessment method
  • Enhanced Garg Metabolic/Physiological Energy Expenditure Prediction Method
  • RULA (Rapid Upper Limb Assessment)
  • The Strain Index
  • ACGIH Hand Activity Level
  • Liberty Mutual “Snook and Ciriello” Tables for Pinch and Power Grips

Each method includes:

  • Complete background information and help screens
  • English or metric unit options
  • Downloadable, printable data sheets for use in the field
  • Downloadable data sheets for use with handheld devices and laptops computers
  • Ability to save completed or in-process analysis
  • Ability to upload those same data sheets for further analysis
  • Customizable, professional report preparation features
  • 24 hour access, 7 days a week, 365 days a year


JET Benefits

  • Quantifies ergonomics-related risk
  • Increases job assessment productivity by at least 200%
  • Increases assessment accuracy by minimizing input and calculation errors
  • Increases assessment quality by providing printable, customizable reports
  • Provides credibility with peer-reviewed, industry-accepted methods recommended by professionals and regulators
  • Makes “What If” analysis of conceptual job improvements fast and easy
  • Allows the job analyst to communicate quantitative, measurable recommendations to reduce ergonomic risk
  • Gives workspace engineers and designers specific, credible, actionable recommendations
  • Customize and brand JET 5 with your logo and your own report templates


Take a Tour of JET

Below are some videos that will give you a feel for JET. You may also request a free trial of a fully functional subscription by clicking the image below:

JET Overview: High level overview of JET 5 (2:51 mins)

Customizing JET: Shows how you can brand JET 5 with your own logo, upload and use your own reporting template, and customize the look and feel of your reports to your heart’s content (3:55 mins)

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Subscribe to JET ergonomic assessment software today and use it to increase productivity, reduce errors, and prevent injury claims and work disruptions that cost $10’s or $100’s of thousands.