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    Has anyone had experience with shot blast booths and ergonomics – in either making improvements to the hose and associated forces or in establishing essential functions of the job?  Any reccomendations or lessons learned?


    Rick Goggins

    I've seen booths where they've hung the gun on a tool balancer, but the operator was still experiencing a lot of reaction force from the blasting. I recommended a tool support that resisted the reaction force, but had enough pivot points to allow the gun to be moved around to cover the entire part. I wasn't able to find an off-the-shelf tool support like that at the time.

    Anytime there's a lot of manual finish work required on a part, I always look upstream as well. Sometimes a change in the manufacturing process can reduce the amount of blasting, grinding, sanding, etc., that's required.

    Rick Goggins, CPE
    Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
    Olympia, Washington



    The hose can also be hung over the shoulder or attached to the belt with a clip.  Ensuring the air hose is delivering the proper PSI as well as not leaking can help reduce contributing factors.

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