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    The One Laptop per Child education project has advanced to mass production of laptops in November 2007.  In a special Give 1 Get 1 program, over 150,000 laptops have been sold to donors in the USA and Canada for US$ 399 ($ 199 for a personal laptop, and $ 200 for a laptop to be given to a child in Afghanistan, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Haiti, Mongolia, or Rwanda).


    The compact, but advanced, hardware and software is being used to build a new computing, networking, and learning environment to especially support children in the developing world.


    With so many people interested in the project, new communities have formed to address a wide range of technical and social issues.  The project maintains a wiki at where anyone may participate, learn about, or contribute to the project.


    A Health Portal has been started on the wiki with teams and individuals collecting and preparing content for software, hardware (including telemedicine), and training activities.


    The new user interface, Sugar, has a human interface guidelines document that will be of interest to the human factors community.


    This is an ambitious project, but one that has captured a lot of interest and enthusiasm, and one with significant potential to influence the future.


    (See this earlier discussion about the project on Ergoweb Forum.)

    Frederick Grose, MPH, CIH



    The OLPC Health People have announced a conference call for this Sunday 10 February 2008 at 1 pm Eastern time.

    Those interested are invited to request the call-in number and access code from Arjun Sarwal by email (arjun AT laptop dot org).

    Agenda for conference call on 10th Feb 2008, 1pm EST

    1. Anna Breshtyn — Reaching out to educators to donate material; publicity drive; mechanism for integrating content that we get
    2. Walter Bender — One Laptop per Child, the project today and the road ahead.
    3. Josh Hehner — Vision for the Health initiative and parallelism with OLPC’s educational focus
    4. Carla Gomez Monroy — Health and Learning; perspectives from the implementations in Uruguay, Peru, Mongolia
    5. Amit Gognaa — Perspectives from Khairat pilot project site near Mumbai, India
    6. Drew Einhorn — World VistA on the XO
    7. SJ Klein — Content focussed on prevention and sanitation; organizing people and projects
    8. Jim Hopper — Thoughts from Web-based "brief assessment and motivational enhancement intervention" project, which Jim conceived and is directing for another non-profit (that serves men with histories of childhood sexual abuse)
    9. Erica Frank — Describing her team’s work on the development of a database of large number of links and the work required to take it forward
    10. Roy Peterson — Development of an Ultrasound imaging system around the XO at Philips
    11. Scott Swanson — EKG and other hardware peripheral development efforts at IMSA
    12. Mika Matsuzaki / Arjun Sarwal — Wrap up, sustainability of the initiative

    Frederick Grose, MPH, CIH

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