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    Can any of you point me to references on the amount of force it takes to break bones in the finger (any of the 3 phalanxes), the amount of force to break the skin and the force to bruise?

    I have looked at some of the pinch literature, but can’t find specifics. If I can’t find answers, I’ll be required to use the engineers on this project.




    With all due respect, IMHO because ethical reasons, I can hardly imagine such an experimental design to look for this info.



    It may seem grim but I can imagine this kind of study conducted on cadavers. I can also imagine an immediate application of the results as well: law enforcement and social workers need the results to help them evaluate injuries in senior care facilities. I can imagine there’s more than a few people who stand accused of injuries to senior adults who might exonerated if this information was available.

    I do hope that the original question was directed at determining the limits of manufacturing processes but without a more complete background to the original query, it’s hard to know!

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