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    Can anyone recommend a document holder specifically to support an 11 x 14″ spreadsheet (the old bar-line computer paper) which the employee can write on. Ideally the document holder will not include a hard lip on the front edge putting unnecessary pressure on the median nerve.

    Carolyn Lundberg

    ACE Ergonomics

    Newport Beach, CA.



    Hi Carolyn,

    Human scale has a product called “the copy drawer”. You see if it fits your needs.




    Thank you, I am familiar with the Human Scale product.



    For the past several years, I’ve also been looking for a document holder with a soft lower lip that’s adequate for writing. It seems as though all the products either have a hard, sharp lower lip or no lip at all. I’ve expressed this frustration to manufacturers (3M and WorkRite) but they apparently don’t feel there’s a market for it. The VersaTech Read/Write Stand has a smaller, rounded lip and is the best reasonably priced ($40.00 through Alimed) product I’ve found for this application. I’ve modified the wooden “ErgoDesk” by cutting off the lower lip and attaching a foam wrist rest and this worked extremely well – though the Ergo Desk is expensive at $200.

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