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Ergoweb Forum Policies

Ergoweb Inc. provides this collaboration and sharing environment as a service to the international ergonomics community. The forums are available to everyone, but only registered users may post new topics or respond to existing topics.

Registration is free. Click here to register, or click the Sign Up link located in the upper right area of the site navigation.

Ergoweb forums are moderated, meaning each message that is submitted is reviewed by an authorized Ergoweb moderator before it is approved for publication on the web site. Moderation allows us to maintain a level of quality, and also keeps inappropriate, off-topic, abusive or otherwise unacceptable content from being published. We encourage and foster a wide variety of opinions and ergonomics-related topics, but ask that all participants exercise professional judgment and behavior.

We retain the right to reject, edit, or delete any content, for any reason, at the sole discretion of each individual moderator, or at the discretion of Ergoweb Inc.

Your Message May be Rejected or Edited if it:

  • is not directly related to ergonomics
  • contains abusive, inflammatory, overly aggressive, or 'off-color' language
  • is directed to an individual rather than the entire user population
  • is deemed inaccurate or misleading
  • demonstrates poor professional judgment or behavior
  • is promotional in nature (e.g., blatantly promoting yourself; blatantly promoting a product or vendor, especially without disclosing your relationship with such)
  • Ergoweb Inc. moderators, staff or management determine it unsuitable for publication in any way.

We are happy to report that most contributors exercise care and good professional judgment, making our moderation duties more of a quality maintenance task than an intervention effort. Thank you in advance for your responsible participation.