ErgoX: A New Ergonomics Conference

The Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) is hosting a new ergonomics conference called ErgoX, an eXtraordinary ergonomics event, June 17-19, 2015, in Anaheim, CA. Here are a few excerpts from their announcement:

  • ERGO-X will provide you with ergonomics training and peer networking opportunities with an experience far different from the usual mega-track conferences.
  • ... hear about the practical science of ergonomics from the leaders in our field ...
  • ... learn how to separate fact from fiction when it comes to ergonomics guidelines and best practices.
  • ERGO-X is the conference that will set a new standard ​for learning how the latest science applies to workplace health, safety and ergonomics issues.
  • ... you will be immersed in ergonomic​s science and application during a 2-day single-track conference with only keynote speakers, each given the time to provide comprehensive guidance.
  • ERGO-X will [also] feature notable experts such as William Marras speaking on manual material handling, David Rempel speaking about upper extremities, and Jack Dennerlein speaking about office ergonomics.
  • Additional ​featured speakers will address psychosocial risk factors, aging workers, anthropometry, standing work environments, and ​novel approaches to ​ergonomic assessment​s​.
  • Spotlight talks during the breaks will cover proper lifting, ​[BCPE] ergonomics ​certification, OSHA​ inspections​, and visual ergonomics. ​
  • Further, ergonomic experts will lead round table discussions during​ the catered lunch on both days.
  • ... the “state your case” poster session will allow the attendees to present a ​unique or challenging ergonomic problem ​in your workplace ​and get feedback from the experts and colleagues ​ in attendance​.
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