Ergonomic Training and Consulting and Services

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Online and Onsite Ergonomic Training and Consulting

We’ve been delivering online and onsite ergonomics training and consulting for over 20 years. Our best outcomes are delivered with a blend of remote services utilizing our Ergoweb Enterprise℠ platform and expert led onsite services as appropriate. We work with you to find the perfect balance that controls cost and maximizes ROI.

Ergonomic consultant and training servicesExperienced Ergonomic Consultant- Prevent Ergonomic Injury

Each ergonomic consultant or trainer is matched with your particular needs, and include senior Board Certified professionals (BCPE) who bring vast amounts of practical experience and knowledge to your facilities, on your schedule. Example engagements include:

  • Ergonomics engineering that reduces waste, improves process flow and production metrics, and reduces risk exposure
  • Safety and health ergonomics that focuses on preventing and managing an ergonomic injury, improving EHS, HR and wellness metrics

Learn how we can help turn your ergonomics-related problems into significant business improvement opportunities.

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