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New Government Requirements Target Employees with Disabilities

Does your company have more than $10,000 in contracts or subcontracts with the USA Federal government, or an agency thereof? Most medium or large companies do, which makes them subject to new affirma [...]

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Ergonomic Injury Claims Gone Wild

I just read about an ergonomic injury claim that spiraled out of control. In a nutshell, one employee changed another's desk, chair and workstation setup, then that employee waited weeks for an ergono [...]

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Moving Beyond OSHA Recordkeeping

As we come to the end of 2014, many of us will be finalizing the OSHA 300 and 300A recordkeeping forms to share with employees in early 2015. OSHA considers these summaries of workplace injuries and i [...]

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Sad Farewell to Tom Waters, a Leader Behind the NIOSH Lifting Equation

I was very sad to hear that Dr. Tom Waters (Thomas Russell Waters, PhD) died last week following injuries sustained in a bicycling accident. Tom was a leading force behind the NIOSH Lifting Equation, [...]

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University Ergonomics Programs

University Programs for Ergonomics and Human Factors

Editor's Note: The following list of University based academic programs was compiled in 2014 by Ergoweb intern Shweta Agarwal. She compiled this information based on voluntary contributions from the U [...]

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Eye Strain, Neck Pain and Monitor Ergonomics (Conventional Wisdom vs Ergonomics Evidence)

Perhaps nothing is more common among computer users than eye-strain and neck pain.  And ironically, at the same time, perhaps nothing is more controversial than suggesting a change to the conventiona [...]

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Registration and the Call for Posters: 5th National Health Care Ergonomics Conference

Registration and the Call for Posters now open for the 5th National Health Care Ergonomics conference September 8-11, 2014 in Portland, Oregon. Multiple Basic & Advanced SPH tracks Go to http://ww [...]

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Sit-Stand vs. Sit: Muskuloskeletal Complaints Decrease; Mood Improves; Performance Remains the Same

Note: Ergoweb often gets questions related to the pros and cons of sit-stand workstations, and it's our practice to ground our opinions and recommendations in research whenever possible. In that spiri [...]

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The Upright Seated Posture: Conventional Wisdom vs. Current Thinking

When I’m out in the world wearing my “Ergonomist” hat, I seem to run into two types of people: Those who sit upright at the computer, and those who think they should. The virtuous ones tell me t [...]

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3-Pronged Approach Resolves Office Ergonomics Issues

Delivering comprehensive ergonomics services to large or distributed office populations is challenging, time consuming and very expensive. Sending qualified ergonomics professionals is often difficult [...]

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