Economics of Ergonomics

How to Budget for Ergonomics

How much should we budget for ergonomics? Who should pay for it? Do we really need it? What value can we expect from our investment? These are all important questions, and if you need evidence, here [...]

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Ergoweb Enterprise- Ergonomics Software System

Announcing Ergoweb Enterprise℠, a New Ergonomics Software System

After two years of development using state-of-the-art online software methods and standards, we're pleased to announce the release of Ergoweb Enterprise℠,  ergonomics software system (software as a [...]

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This way to sustainable ergonomics

5 Requirements for Sustainable Ergonomics in the Workplace

Sustainable sounds like one of those corporate buzzwords that come and go, but the meaning behind it will always ring true for organizations purposely built to survive, improve and thrive into the fut [...]

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Continuous Improvement ergonomics makes work better

Continuous Improvement Ergonomics: Sustainable by Design

Continuous improvement, or continual improvement, is the ongoing improvement of products, services or processes through incremental and breakthrough improvements.1  What do Lean, Six-Sigma, Total Qu [...]

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Workplace Ergonomics Adds Significant Value

Applying workplace ergonomics through a continuous improvement process is essential for enterprise sustainability. A good ergonomics process plays a key role in unlocking new areas for improvement. B [...]

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Historia painting by Nikolaos Gyzis (1892)

History of Ergonomics

Christensen (1987) points out that the importance of a "good fit" between humans and tools was probably realized early in the development of the species. Australopithecus Prometheus selected pebble [...]

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How to Choose a Standing Desk

Oops -- this article, How to Choose a Standing Desk, has been moved to: [...]

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Thomas R. Waters Memorial Ergonomics Scholarship

Last Fall we observed the untimely death of Thomas ("Tom") Waters, a man who made significant contributions to our understanding of risk related manual material handling tasks, including the NIOSH L [...]

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Best Company Practices for Home Office Ergonomics

While there are many great reasons for corporate telecommuting and Home Office arrangements there are also considerable ergonomic, safety and security concerns employers need to address.  Many paper [...]

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IEA 2015

Early-Bird Registration for IEA 2015 in Melbourne Ends July 10

You're invited to attend the 19th Triennial Congress of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA 2015), to be held from 9-14 August 2015 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. "Earl [...]

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