Full Service Ergonomics

Our family of brands includes our flagship company, Ergoweb® Inc., as well as ErgoBuyer® LLC. These market leading brands combined with our world-wide consulting network and our rich resource libraries allow us to serve you as a unique one-stop resource for all of your ergonomics needs.

Together, we provide end-to-end ergonomics process services through our consulting, training, software, knowledge leadership, and specialized ergonomic equipment and supplies.

Our Journey

Ergoweb, Inc. was established January 1, 1995 to commercialize industrial job assessment software then under development at the University of Utah. The privately held company has since grown to become a leading one-stop source for the ergonomics market, focusing primarily on physical ergonomics issues such as workplace and human-centered equipment assessment, design and usability.

As a pioneering web site in the ergonomics category (our first web site was launched as early as 1993), ergoweb.com quickly grew to be a focal point for the ergonomics industry. Responding to market demand, we began publishing a variety of news and information resources to the ergonomics market stakeholders, including case studies, a buyer’s guide, general topic web news, and detailed professional subscription based news. A discussion forum we began in 1994 continues to be the most popular and respected information sharing forum in the ergonomics industry. Many of these “Ergoweb Community” resources are free, and others have evolved into products and services offered directly through Ergoweb® or through one of our closely linked partner companies.

We enjoy contributing trusted information and resources to the world, but our real focus is helping our clients develop and maintain world class ergonomics processes that deliver measurable value in productivity, quality, health and safety. That’s how ErgoBuyer joined our family.

ErgoBuyer began in 1998 as an advertising based buyer’s guide to the ergonomics marketplace, which was housed within the ergoweb.com site. We soon realized that some marketers were making somewhat unsubstantiated or grandiose claims about the ergonomics of their products, so in 2006 we embarked on a campaign to raise the credibility of ergonomic claims, reformulating the ErgoBuyer brand into a separate company, and then into an online store:  “No gimmicks. No fads. Only effective, reliable, ergonomically designed products, satisfaction guaranteed.” ErgoBuyer has since served businesses and consumers with trusted, reliable products, from a trusted, reliable source.

Ergoweb maintains close ties with ErgoBuyer® through ownership, partnering and operating agreements so that we can deliver a one-of-a-kind integrated ergonomics solution to Fortune 1000 companies.